Rail Users’ Network

Rail Users’ Network is a new concept in the representation of rail passengers. It is based on the successful British Passenger Focus model, created by act of Parliament, which has been serving passengers throughout the United Kingdom since 1948. RUN is different, however, in that it represents many different types of rail passengers, including long distance, commuter, and transit riders. It is not sanctioned by an act of Congress – but some of our representative groups are legislatively mandated by their respective states and municipalities, giving riders a seat “at the table,” and bringing the needs of rail users to the attention of those in charge.

RUN is a 501 (c )(3), non-profit educational organization, dedicated to the betterment of the rail passenger system of North America. It undertake the following activities on YOUR behalf.

  • Actively seek the views of all rail passengers
  • Represent your interests – to those in charge
  • Provide a forum to exchange “best practice” for existing advocacy groups.
  • Seek to improve levels of customer service for all
  • Encourage expansion of existing service, as well as new starts
  • Monitor passenger communications of all types, including timetables and brochures, to make sure they are user-friendly
  • Encourage connectivity between all modes

RUN supports state, provincial, and local advocacy groups and encourages them to improve their local services by becoming legislatively mandated. Through this process, riders and users of the systems can have a voice in the quality and level of service provided. By bringing together advocacy groups throughout the nation, RUN believes that the potential to be heard by Congress or Canadian Parliament in funding decisions affecting millions of riders is enhanced.

You can donate to the Rail Users’ Network via the PayPal button linked below.

Next Meeting: the Rail Users’ Network Quarterly Board Meeting-Dec.3, 2016, 1:00 P.M.-5:00 P.M. at MTA HQ, 2 Broadway-20th fl.-Conf. Rm.#4, New York, NY